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Top Tips for Remembering your Keys

We’ve all done it. Locked our keys inside the car or house. Whether distracted by getting the kids ready to rush out the door for school, running late for work or absent-mindedly shutting the door just as you realise you’ve left the keys on the other side (doh!) , it’s a pain-in-the-proverbial that costs money and time.

So common is our pesky habit of losing or locking our keys inside the house, that these days there are plenty of professional options for retrieving them. Locksmiths often offer 24 hour, 7 day-a-week services and are a better option than climbing up a tree or a drain to reach a window you think is unlocked, thereby risking breaking your neck in the process.

There are a number of ways to help you remember your keys every time you leave your house (or car).

1. Keep them in the same place

This requires only a minimal degree of organisation and habitual practice, after all an object at rest stays at rest (thank you Sir Isaac Newton!). So simply keep returning your keys to the same place every time you re-enter your home. A hook next to the door is a handy spot.

2. Always hide a spare

Some people don’t like to do this as your common house burglar (sneakthief horribilus) has cottoned on to this one. Obviously under the front door mat is asking for trouble; however there are clever creative options for hiding your door key such as partially burying it in the garden disguised under a rock or using Blu-Tack to secure it somewhere nifty.

3. Give a spare set to a neighbour

This idea works well as it can be reciprocated and encourages a neighbourly comradeship whereby neighbours are vigilant and watchful. Of course, you can’t always guarantee that your friendly neighbour will be home so make sure the key is hidden outside their house.

4. Magnetic box

This is perfect for if you lock your keys in your car. Ideally painted flat black to avoid reflective light thus attention, the magnetic box can be stashed surreptitiously against any metal surface under your car and will blend in.

5. Wear your keys

Another option is to wear your keys around your neck on a lanyard. Of course, you still have to remember to put the lanyard around your neck so perhaps putting it a bowl or something you associate with your keys is a good idea.

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