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Services You Never Knew Your Locksmith Offered

Naturally, when people think of a locksmith, they think of a person whose sole purpose is to get you back into the car or home that you have locked yourself out of – they are there to change your locks. But did you know that there are many other services the locksmiths at Budget Locksmiths offer?

We work with alarm technicians and access control systems

Not only can we fix and replace regular, house-hold locks, but we can also install and advise on access control systems, often used in businesses as well as higher security homes. The system we have in place works with any up-to-date security technology, meaning we can provide state of the art commercial grade systems, and work with alarm technicians for swipe-card access and alarm systems.

We work with fingerprint access control

We also work with keyless entry systems such as fingerprint access control, one of the most popular security access systems in commercial environments. What sets us apart is we also offer the installation of this type of security access to residential premises, too. This means no more locks and no more carrying around weighty keys. You can even register multiple fingers so that not only every will every person living in your house have access to the premises, but if your hands are full you can use any finger you have free to get in! Get in touch with us to learn more about our E-Flash range or read about it here.

We offer re-keying

What’s re-keying, you ask? It’s an ingenious and cost-effective way to ensure security in your home without the costly process of completely changing your locks. We “repin” the cylinder of the lock, which changes the lock to accept a new keys. It also means that the old keys for the lock will no longer work, making this a great option for when old tenants move out. This is a much more affordable alternative to changing the locks and it saves time and hassle.

We can repair and replace gate locks and pool fence locks

Gate and fence security is particularly important for homes, as it is the first step in many for home security. We can install a new gate for you or repair an existing one to ensure it is secure. As for pool fences, Australian law states they are essential to safeguard against accidents. We can ensure your pool fence is secure and safe for your family.

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