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Rekeying is a cheaper alternative to lock replacements. Rental property owner can rekey when tenants move out. Vital if you have lost your keys to prevent intruders.




We all know that sinking feeling when we reach in to our pockets or bag for the house or office keys and for some reason they aren’t there. Lost your keys? It’s extremely annoying but there’s no need to be too concerned because at Budget Locksmiths we can help you quickly and cheaply and there’s no need to worry about costly lock replacement.


Re-keying is an ideal and very affordable alternative to complete lock replacement. One of the biggest fears that come to mind when you’ve lost your keys, or worse you think they might have been stolen, does that someone else has access to your home. Likewise, if you’ve just purchased a new home or moved in to a new rental property and you feel a bit uneasy as to who else, might have a key, Re-keying is a great option.


Give us a call at Budget Locksmiths and we’ll be there to help within 30 minutes. Instead of changing the entire lock, which can be quite costly, we will change the lock to accept new keys. This is a much more affordable alternative and it saves time and hassle. We simply repin the cylinder to fit a new key. Once this has been done the old key will no longer open the lock. You will be able to rest assured that any previous keys used to gain entry to your home or office will no longer work in the re-keyed locked.


At Budget Locksmiths our qualified and experienced Master Locksmiths can be at your home or business throughout the Adelaide Metro and Adelaide Hills area within 30 minutes. Our fully equipped mobile workshops will ensure prompt on the spot service for all your domestic, commercial and industrial Re-Keying needs. At just a fraction of the price of total lock replacement we can change the keys to all your locks so previous keys no longer gain entry.


If you’re worried about your properties security and don’t need the cost or hassle of replacing all your locks, contact us at Budget Locksmiths. We’ll have one of our trained staff visit you to professionally re-key your locks, keeping your property safe and secure from intruders.


When you call for a Budget Locksmiths locksmith, you’re in safe hands.



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