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Fingerprint Access Control

Thanks to technology, keyless entry systems have become an increasingly popular method of securing commercial premises. Now we offer this same electronic technology to the residential market, using a series of locks which eliminate the need for carrying keys. Secure, reliable and above all convenient, the E-Flash range takes technology once reserved for government and large corporate security and places it in the hands of home owners. With its designer good looks, the E-Flash Series will complement any home. Once installed, not only will E-Flash look good but it will perform beautifully, responding to the presentation of a registered proximity card (EF 680) or registered fingerprint (EF 780). All models also feature an illuminated key pad to allow for the entry of a pin code for use in case of a lost card or injured hand, or for use by guests. Optional accessories like a remote to open the door without having to walk to the front door. With products available to suit both apartments and free standing dwellings, the E-Flash series will change the way you think about home security.


The E-Flash 780 is the biometric version of the E-Flash series and is operated by the presentation of a registered fingerprint.The EF780 model supplies complete freedom as you become the key needed to unlock your door. Imagine the freedom of taking the dog for a walk without having to carry keys, or the convenience of being able to leave the keys in the ignition of your car and still be able to re-enter your home for that forgotten item.


As well as convenient, the E-Flash 780 is also practical and features a Kaba MS2 Mortice Lock, which has been modified to allow for E-Flash functions. The MS2 Mortice Lock is a heavy duty, stainless steel locking system which is recessed into your door, leaving none of the locking mechanism visible, ensuring that the aesthetics of your entry is maintained. Once you have had your E-Flash installed, set up takes only minutes and has been made extremely simple thanks to E-Flash’s voice guide function, which will talk you through the set up process step by step. With over 100 user registrations possible, we suggest registering multiple fingers so that if you are carrying a parcel or have injured a finger, your ability to unlock the door is not compromised.




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