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Budget locksmiths can supply, install and advice on the best door and dead locks for your property Commercial or domestic.


Keeping your home or business safe and secure from intrusion is extremely important. Cheap and ineffective locks can be easy to break or pick leaving your home and office contents vulnerable. At Budget Locksmiths, we’re dedicated to installing top quality secure lock systems for domestic, commercial and industrial requirements.


We will give you the best advice, service and installation on a variety of Door Locks and Deadlocks to best suit your needs. Our qualified and experienced Master Locksmiths can be at your home or commercial property within 30 minutes, to install the locks you require to keep your property safe. We install a number of different Door Locks including:

  • Deadlocks
  • Security Door Locks
  • Sliding Door Locks
  • Mortise Locks
  • Keyless Locks


Deadlocks provide excellent protection for your property, whether you’re at home, at work, or away. With secure locks like this, even if someone manages to break in to the house they’ll find it impossible to leave with your valuables via the door unless they have a key. The only other way would be to totally destroy the door. For most burglars this isn’t an option since they like to keep a low profile, get in and out quickly and quietly.


There are many differant types of security doors on the market , the best and most expensive are steel custom made to order doors .The next best is aluminium doors which ever you choose depending on your budget the triple lock system is worth the extra for its strenght .


Many modern homes have nice open indoor outdoor areas protected by large sliding doors. It’s extremely important these doors are totally secure as they’re often the first port of call for intruders. At Budget Locksmiths our sliding door locks are vertical and slide right in to the frame, so the door can’t be lifted off the runner or moved in any way, to gain access.


Our Mortise Locks fit directly in to a purpose cut door and offers more protection from entry. The longer and thicker mortise can be fitted in to the door, making it difficult to force entry.


If you’d like more information or advice and service on which Door Locks or Deadlocks might be best for you, give us a call at Budget Locksmiths. We can fit your home or business with the best quality locks on the market, keeping your property safe and secure.

With Budget Locksmiths you’re in safe hands.


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