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Locksmith Scams to Avoid

Locks and doors are the things that separate us from other species. So we better pay necessary attention on locks and selection of locksmiths for our locks related projects. Before choosing locksmiths you should see what kind of services you are getting and how they are going to work on the project.

There are quite a few scams in the locksmith industry; following are the tips that will help you avoid these scams.


  1. Blanket and generic company names

Many of the locksmith companies are now opting for more generic names for their companies “locksmith services, locksmith maintenance”. Do not go for these kinds of companies. If they are offering any good deal then you better ask for their legal business name first. Nonetheless the better choice in this case would be to go for a local business.


  1. Check their license

Before finalizing any deal with your locksmith, check and make sure that they have a valid license for their practice. Amateurs too are trying their luck in this business, just be wary of those people.


  1. Get a quotation over the phone

Before they start any kind of work on your locks, just to be certain, ask their manager or a supervisor for over the phone quotation. The technician might charge you extra without your knowledge.


  1. See the companies truck

The legal locksmith companies have their trucks made to look like a locksmith’s truck with their companies credential on it. If the truck don’t have anything related to the company or have adverts of any other business on their truck then this might be a deception.


  1. No cash deal

If a locksmith asks you to pay in cash, this most probably will be a scam. Also check if the quotations and actual amount you are paying have any discrepancies in them, if this happens, doesn’t let them do any work.


  1. Don’t let them drill

Any professional would know that drilling a lock is an absolute last resort if nothing else is happening. Only unprofessional people would opt for drilling. If this happens, it means you have hired a dabbler. Most professional locksmiths have tools they can use to repair the locks without any drilling. Drilling is only needed in advance locks and security systems.


  1. Checking for the quality of locks

In most cases, locksmiths will ask you to provide them with locks and other necessary equipment to install. If this doesn’t happen then they might use some low grade equipment on your locks.

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